Core Data Sheet

1 HP 230V, 1 Phase 60 Hz, 1725 RPM
Class F Insulation - Capacitor Start
Thermally Protected - Automatic Reset
Stainless Steel Shaft
Progressive Cavity Design
Stainless Steel Rotor
Stator: Buna-N Standard, EPDM Optional
Cycle Depth: 9.0"
Meets essential requirements of the LU & EMC Directives
UL & CSA Approved
Expected life: 10 million mechanical cycles
Expected Electrical life: 1 million @15 AMPS     
2 or 3 Float option      
Carbon Primary Ring - Ceramic Mating Ring
Stainless Steel Spring / Spring Holder
300 psi @ 1800 RPM Dynamic
1,100 psi Hydrostatic     
ASTM B584 Bronze Swing Check Valve
with 200 psi Capacity   
CORE WEIGHT - 85 lbs
VORTEX, Made in the U.S.A.

Pump Core Features and Benefits

The VORTEX core is a cartridge type unit offering a variety of features that make it the most advanced unit of its kind:
  • Progressive cavity pump technology
  • Cartridge design for easy installation & maintenance
  • Easy maintenance and servicing
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof, direct burial single-cable power supply / alarm wiring
  • Multiple float control - less grease problems
  • Stainless steel discharge system
  • Hardened stainless steel grinder teeth and grinder ring
  • PVC joints in pump housing meet appropriate ASTM's for schedule 40
  • Redundant O-ring seals between motor mount and PVC housing

The VORTEX grinder pump has been engineered to process a wide range of materials including those that may be accidentally introduced into the waste stream, such as wood, plastic or glass. The Unique progressive cavity pump design allows for the handling of solids suspended in a slurry without damaging the system piping as a result of over-pressurization. The system prevents line obstructions to ensure that clogging does not occur.

All electronic controls are in the panel box for easy servicing and residing in an area where condensation is not a problem. The self-contained, cartridge type core is designed specifically for easy installation. It is a drop-in replacement for existing positive displacement pump systems, with no special modifications required. Because VORTEX is constructed of advanced, non-corrosive materials, its overall weight is less than other positive displacement systems. The specially engineered PVC parts are impact resistant. Power to the core is supplied by a single waterproof cable with an optional "quick disconnect" plug for safe handling and maintenance.

The water level is controlled by the use of a multi-float array. This method does not require the tank and motor housing to be vented thus eliminating a condensation problem in the pump cavity.

The core unit and discharge plumbing resist corrosion, abrasion, chemical attack, and features a non-clogging verticle swing check valve.

The rotor and stator components of the VORTEX pump are engineered and manufactured specifically for wastewater handling. Years of experience in elastomer formulation and design have gone into the VORTEX stator to provide the most efficient combination available.

Design Information

Technical Comments

The VORTEX is engineered to be an economical and environmentally-compatible alternative to residential septic systems where the use of conventional technology is impractical. The system accepts a variety of solids commonly found in the typical household waste stream and processes them into fine particles for immediate disposal to a waste collection system. The progressive cavity pump design enables the system to accomodate particles and materials that normally exceed the capabilities of other pump designs.

Even as discharge pressures increase, the VORTEX maintains a constant flow as opposed to creating a deteriorating flow common to centrifugal pumps. This feature allows the system to function reliably without line blockage in applications involving multiple pumping units located on the same line.

Easy-to-operate controls automatically maintain appropriate reservoir levels as required by the waste stream.

The unit consists of a grinder and a progressive cavity pump assembly with a reservoir sized for peak flow capcity. The electrical controls are designed for wiring into a 230 VAC, single-phase household system.

Alarm Panels

Vortex offers 2 alarm panel options:

  1. Standard Panel
  2. Enhanced Value Panel

The main diference between the standard and enhanced versions is the ability to accurately monitor and maintain data of sewage flow leaving the unit discharge to the tank and the additional 2 year limited warranty on all parts required in servicing the unit.

While both panels control the pump with solid state circuitry, the pump has an amperage run variance, the gpm that the pump is operating at can be ascertained by associating it with the amperage.

Both panels have the following features:

  1. Push to silence alarm switch
  2. NEMA 4X fiberglass enclosure
  3. Alarm beacon
  4. Audible alarm
  5. GFI receptical (optional)

In addtion the enhanced value panel has:

  1. Readable gallons/day usage
  2. Readable pump run time
  3. Readable cycle count
  4. Readable days in service
  5. Phone modem availability

Tank and Accessway

GENERAL: Each grinder pump unit shall be installed as a factory-preassembled unit, consisting of a fiberglass tank, submersible progressive cavity pump system and related discharge fittings. Because a float system does not require venting of the tank, the tank top can be set flush with the ground level.

MATERIALS OF CONSTRUCTION: The tank is constructed of spun fiberglass. The basin includes an integral, anti-flotation flange.